When Your Son Goes Away To College

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This is not going to be a sappy post about my first born leaving for college because I can't write that one yet. I sat down a couple of times and tried to process my feelings as I typed, but I am just not ready. I am going to keep it lighthearted for now.

So when your son goes away to college, he leaves clothes that he doesn't want. And you have to clean out his room because when your son goes away to college, his little sister takes over his room.

She is going to paint it purple.

Don't worry, Jack, we won't make you sleep in the chicken coop or anything like that. We promise we will have a room ready for you when you come home.

As I was sorting through Jack's clothes today I found these pants. Can you keep a secret? They are pajamas. When I first found them I thought, "Oh cool! I have a new pair of pajamas." And then I tried them on. "Hold on! I have a new pair of pants. I'm not saving these for sleeping in."

Now, normally, I am not a fan of pajamas in public, but I think these can pass as loose fitting pants. I think. Do you think?

Well, I'm wearing them anyway. I guess I don't really care what you think. (by the way, not caring what people think about what you are wearing is one of the keys to defining your own style)

This sweater is actually one of Jack's that I snagged before he left for college. It didn't really fit him well and I like oversized and baggy. 

When your son goes away to college, you get a new outfit. You know how I love menswear. This is Target style. Target men's pajamas and Target men's sweater. The boots are thrifted from Mel Trotter.

Thanks for the clothes, Jack. Even though I am wearing your clothes and Liza is painting your old bedroom purple, we miss you.

We miss you a lot.

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