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Waiting for spring. Leaves on the trees, green grass, flowers blooming.

Anticipating summer. Days at the lake, playing in the water, dinners on the porch, campfires in the backyard.

My dad called and said the lake opened up.

"You know what that means, Dad?"


"I'll tell ya, Dad. That means in a couple of months, I will be parked in your front yard. All summer long. Aren't you excited?"

There wasn't the same level of enthusiasm on the other end of the phone.

But maybe he was too happy to put it into words?

So while I wait for skirts, t-shirts, sneakers, sandals, sundresses, swimsuits, the lake...I wear a hat from Lake Odessa Antique Mall, a tank top from Goodwill, a blazer from a thrift store in Greenville, IL, black Levis, and boots.

And I stand in the middle of a corn field.


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Rediscover Style
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