Valerie Comment

I went to my parents' yesterday to help out a little. My mom has been sick and spent most of this week in bed, down for the count. As I was sweeping the kitchen floor, I was thinking of my mom and all the loss she has endured. Her heart forever grieving the loss of two daughters. The loss of Dawn as a newborn baby and the loss of Karlene as a 35 year old.

I know she never imagined when she became a mother for the first time, that her heart would have to withstand such pain in years ahead.

Mother's Day is a hard day to go through every year since Karlene's death. Her absence is felt keenly when we gather with Blaine and the kids. Now their kids are all adults and their oldest is a father, and she has not been here to experience it.

I know for many, Mother's Day is hard, and hard for many reasons. Hard because of death, because of a neglectful mother, because a womb will never be able to carry a baby. The grief for those who are gone, the grief because there is someone who was never there, the grief over what will never happen.

May our hearts be softened and our eyes be opened. May we share with each other the gift of mothering every day... to tend to, to nurture, to minister, to care for, to mind, to watch over, to protect, to consider, to treasure.

And thank you, Mom. Thank you for continuing the best you could after your loss and heart breaks, thank you for not giving up. Thank you for not blaming God, for not turning your back on Jesus, for continuing to be you. Thank you for your example of beauty, grace, love, and mothering.

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