Journey Of Well-Being

Valerie Comment
Rediscover Style

My kids have been working on handstands and they inspired me. As a young girl, I was a gymnast and then tall began to happen. And kept happening. And kept happening. And there aren't many female gymnasts who are 5'11". Relearning a handstand has been symbolic for me. Recovering what was forgotten. My journey of well-being is first spiritual and then physical. There is a knowledge of God and of who I am as his Beloved Bride that I have forgotten. Forgotten because of my own sin and the sin of others. Forgotten because sometimes in the midst of sorrow and suffering, it is hard to feel like God cherishes me and wants the best for me. His ways don't always make sense and this path is difficult, so I often want to stiff-arm him. But he continues to lovingly invite me into bringing about his will on earth. Recovering the truth of who he is and who I am is my journey of well-being.