Husband Style

Valerie Comment

Meet Dave. He's a psychologist and he keeps bees as a hobby. On my profiles I always put 'wife of a beekeeper' because it sounds so much more romantic than 'wife of a psychologist'. I mean, 'wife of a psychologist'...need I say more?

I grew up thrift shopping and going to garage sales. Dave did not. When we were first dating he didn't even know where the sale rack was in The Gap. Now we thrift together.

That's love.

I had to snap this picture of Dave when he got home from work yesterday wearing his thrifted shirt from Salvation Army, clearance suit jacket, and outlet jeans. He even stood in the rain for this photo. What a guy! When he came inside he noticed one of the buttons was undone on his shirt.

"Don't worry, Dave. No one will notice it in the picture."

Unless I tell them.

I think that 'thrifted man style' will have to become a new category for my blog. Dave agrees.

That's love.