Valerie Comment

I’ve been thinking a lot about grace lately. The grace that has been fully given me, but I have trouble receiving fully. 

Because I hide.

To some extent, we all have a “fakeness” about us. Things we want hidden and not exposed for what they are.

If Paul can say the things he should do, he doesn't and the things he shouldn't do, he does, I think it’s safe to say we all struggle.

As I come out of hiding, the more free I am to receive grace. I open myself to accepting, trusting, and loving a God who loves me, wants the best for me, and who floods my dark, hidden places with the light of his grace. And the more I am free to accept His grace, the more I am free to extend grace.

I have been asking myself these questions I read from Dr. Kai Nilsen:

* “What kinds of people do you have the hardest time seeing God’s presence in? How could you learn more about “those people,” whoever those people are for you?”

* “What would it be like to imagine them through the eyes of God’s grace, just as God sees you?”

God, in your greatness of love and grace, you gently reveal the ways I hide. And then instead of condemning me, you take my hand and lift me out of a pit of guilt and shame. I long to fully receive what you fully offer. I long to offer to others what you have offered to me. Come, Lord Jesus. Continue to come.

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