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Welcome, July. Please stay for a while. Go slowly. Take your time.


Dress: Goodwill $4.99 Jean vest: Goodwill $1.99 Shoes: Merrell $15.00

Dress: Goodwill $4.99 Jean vest: Goodwill $1.99 Shoes: Merrell $15.00

Rediscover Style
table cloth: thrifted $3.99 hanging fabric: my grandma

table cloth: thrifted $3.99 hanging fabric: my grandma

toss pillows: Goodwill $1.99 mattress cover: Goodwill $2.99 all other linen: from my grandma

toss pillows: Goodwill $1.99 mattress cover: Goodwill $2.99 all other linen: from my grandma

Friday Finds

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Scored at Mel Trotter today.  A lovely afghan for $3.99 (afghans = me giddy), stoneware planter that I love for $2.39 (it looks like it should be from Italy, but it says made in China...I am pretending it is from Italy), two yards of fabric that will be perfect on the back porch for $2.99 (I will hang it to block the sun when we dine al fresco...you know...Italian for dining outside...because I like to pretend I'm from Italy), and an oil painting in a sweet gold frame for $6.99 (it isn't signed by the artist...every artist should sign their work, don't you think?). That's all.  Carry on with your incredible weekend.

Grandma Chic

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My grandmother designed the house we live in and my grandfather built it.  It's a little hodgepodge and quirky, which makes me love it even more.  My grandma was very eclectic and didn't want a typical farmhouse.  And this fits in well with my own eclectic, hodgepodge sense of style. There is an area at the top of the stairs, that is too big not to do something with and yet, not quite big enough to do a lot with.  When the kids were little I tried to use it as an arts and crafts space.  Another homeschooling mom lesson...I could try and make designated spaces for the kids, but the areas they liked the most were the couch and the kitchen table.

I decided to turn this space into a home office for my fitness business.  Dave and the boys did the painting and installed the floor, and then I went to work on the decorating.  Everything in the space I already had, or Grandma left us in the house, or is thrifted.  The only new purchases were the paint, the flooring, and the chair.

It's my grandma chic home office.









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The last few months I have been adding more bohemian touches to our home.  Remember I had recently purchased that gorgeous table cloth at Salvation Army for $3.99?  I was originally going to hang it in the basement, but I had to have it on the main floor.  It's too beautiful to be hidden in the basement. I received a tip at the beginning of the summer to duct tape the hem of my son's pants instead of sewing them.  I used that tip and duct taped the table cloth so I could hang it from a curtain rod.  I also hung a hook rug my husband made in 1982 in our entry.  I'm not sure how the 80s became vintage.  It wasn't that long ago.  Shhh...don't say a word.

Our home is a work in progress.  A slow work in progress.  You will notice in the pictures that the molding is not complete and we've started tearing off wallpaper in the hallway and that is unfinished.  And let's not forget those ceiling tiles from the 70s.  When I get discouraged with the lack of Pottery Barn-ism in my house, I think of all those with no homes.  Then I begin to feel very blessed and okay with unfinished projects.





Happy Friday!

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Happy Friday!  An exciting day ahead!  We have a family day planned to celebrate Dave's birthday.  Family days are the best kind of days.  And then tonight, I am hosting a fundraiser for The B Foundation.  I am super pumped because I love hosting events that support my home town and the people in it.  And I get to teach my very own format tonight...Blaze Dance Fitness.  A while ago, I decided to quit teaching Zumba® and create my own dance fitness classes, allowing me the freedom to make them what I want them to be.  It's been very liberating.  When God places a passion in your heart and you pursue it, finding that it adds more to your life than you could have imagined, it is a beautiful reminder of how loving and personal He is.  This is my logo designed by my talented nephew Lucas Harger.



But before I take off for the day, I thought I would show you some recent thrifting finds.  I purchased two pillow shams for $3.29 and two skirts for $3.99 each.  I am using the pillow shams as window valances in Liza's room because they screamed, "HANG ME!", so I did.  The skirts are fabulous.  The navy blue one is vintage.  It has a very 80s feel and the tag says it's made in Italy.  That fact alone is so thrilling.  I'm just going to pretend I am strolling the streets of Italy every time I wear it.  The red skirt is from Free People.  A Free People skirt for $3.99?!  Need I say more?!




Weekend Project

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I am working on a weekend project.  I hadn't planned on it, but inspiration struck. A while ago, I took off the doors of the kitchen cabinet below the sink.  I have a habit of  taking off cupboard doors.  I decided to put a rod across and hang burlap.  But I changed my mind and instead of a rod, I screwed some conduit into the sides of the cabinets.  I think the folks working at the hardware store thought I was a little odd.  I also have a habit of being a little odd.

I ran into a problem with the burlap, however.  I can't sew.  So when I cut the burlap to fit, it frayed and needed to be hemmed.  My family lived with this half hung burlap for months, but today it came down. (cue the applause)

I searched through some scraps of material that my grandma had that I kept after she passed away.  Because, you see, one day I am going to learn how to sew.  While looking through the material I found a crocheted table cloth.  It had some holes in it and a couple of stains, but instead of throwing it away...I got out my scissors.  I cut it to fit the cabinet opening and secured it with shower hooks.  I possibly took these hooks from the shower curtain and my family possibly won't appreciate that when they shower tomorrow morning...but it was for the greater good!

I still have some work to do on it, but I love the mix of the conduit with the crochet.  A little masculine mixed with some feminine makes me giddy.  Here is a photo of the beginning stages.