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Fun Friday Finds

Fabulous FindsValerie Comment

Liza and I had a girly morning.  We went to Sozo (the best local coffee shop) and then on to Goodwill.  You know, sometimes when you thrift, you hit.  And sometimes, you miss.  But today, on our way to Goodwill, while Liza sipped her white chocolate steamer and I enjoyed my yummy decaf, we both had a good feeling that we would find treasures. And we were right!  Here are some of our finds.  I laid them out on the dining room table and snapped some photos.

IMG_8577I have been looking for a granny square afghan for a chair in our basement, so when I saw this I was happy!  But it was on a short rack and there was a lady shopping on the side that the afghan was on.  I calmly went to the other side and started to browse, saying in my head..."please don't pick up that afghan, please don't pick up that afghan, please...".  Well, you get the idea.  And she didn't.  She didn't pick it up!  And soon as she walked away, I grabbed it.  It is in perfect condition!  $7.99.  Boom.

IMG_8586Liza found a pair of jeans, a shirt, and this sweater.  Love the fringe!  It is Field Gear Kids and was $1.99.  We have a lot of fun shopping together and I would really like to hold on to these days.  For a long time.

IMG_8580I am in love with this fabric and I am going to hang it on a wall in our dining room.  The colors are so rich and it will work great with the bohemian feel that I am giving our home.

IMG_8583I knew it was meant to be mine when I saw that it was printed in England.  Because that is where my vacation home is.  You know...my vacation home, the Abbey.  Downton Abbey.

IMG_8584This scarf is so lovely and huge!  It fits our dining room table.  I will probably be able to wrap it around my neck at least twenty times.  I can't decide if I will hang it or wear it.  Maybe both.  But not at the same time.

IMG_8585Gasp.  Gold detail on that scarf!

IMG_8582The last find I will show you (for now) is this chevron pattern scarf.  I was a little giddy when I found this.  Thank you to the person who got rid of this chevron pattern scarf.  I bought it for $1.99.

Oh man, I love a good day of thrifting.



A Good Day of Thrifting

Fabulous FindsValerie Comment

I found gems at Salvation Army yesterday.  A table cloth that was only $3.99!  I am floored by that price...it's huge and embroidered...it's gorgeous!  I have been wanting to give our basement a boho feel so this will be perfect.  I am going to hang it from the ceiling.  Giddy! And I could not pass up the bib overalls.  I picked them up for my nieces.  I SO should have kept the bibs I wore in the early 90s. I wore bibs all the time.  I had a pair of bibs that were pinstriped and had belonged to a family friend named Otis Bailey.  Otis and his wife Myrtie were the sweetest couple and they lived very simply.  I still remember as a child sitting in Mrs. Bailey's little kitchen where she cooked on a wood stove.  In fact, she continued to cook on her wood stove until she was in her eighties.  After Myrtie passed away and we cleaned out their house, I asked to have couple pair of bibs.  Bibs might have been in at that time, but no one had a pair of bibs like the ones I wore.





Red Vintage Dress

Fabulous FindsValerie Comment

Did I tell you about the time I walked into Salvation Army and found a red vintage dress for $4.99?! I tried not to scream out loud when I found it.  I was shopping with my 8 year old daughter and I was trying to be a good example of thrift store etiquette.

The red dress was a fun find because there were straight pins above the hem.  Whoever had it was going to shorten it, but never did.  As I was removing the straight pins, I kept wondering about the person who had this dress before me.  So I will imagine some story about the person who had the dress before me.

Nothing creepy, though, because I don't want to have bad dreams.

Maybe a romantic story about a girl who was going to hem this dress, but then her boyfriend threw a pebble at her window, and interrupted her.  She went outside to meet him and he asked her to elope.  And they did.

You know, something realistic and not too far fetched.