Valerie Comment
Rediscover Style

My daughter Liza and I were looking at Pinterest together for different ways to fix her hair. As we scrolled through the images, she started talking about things she wished were different about her appearance. My heart sunk because I think she is beautiful exactly the way she is and partly, because I can relate to wanting physical features different about me. I said, "Liza, we are going to name three things about our physical appearance that we like." We each named three things. Then I said, "Liza, now we are going to name three things about our personality that we like." We named three things. It was not easy for either of us to do, but we did it. And then I said, "And now we praise God for making us beautiful... inside and out. He is where we look for our identity; not Pinterest, not girls or women, boys or men." Oh God, let this sink deep into her soul and mine. Help me lovingly lead her to the One who created her inmost being. May we remember we are fearfully and wonderfully made.