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Thanksgiving has come and gone.  How do the days pass so quickly? We always travel on the holidays because we don't live near all of our family.  The trips are definitely easier now than they used to be.  I was thinking back to when we had newborns and toddlers.  Those trips were always torture interesting.

It seemed the scenario usually went something like 15 miles and stop to change a dirty diaper.  Drive another 30 miles singing every kid song ever written.  Stop to go to the bathroom.  Start driving again and the newborn decides that this is the exact time that he must nurse.

"Noooo!  We have to get a little further down the road. We can't stop driving! I will nurse him while he is strapped in his car seat!"

And so I did.  It's called desperation.  And some serious talent, people.

Preparing for trips used to take so much energy packing for everyone while tending toddlers and newborns.  Now, the kids can pack for themselves!  And I'm a lot more relaxed than I used to be.  I really don't care if they wear the same thing all three days that we are gone.  I mean, I would rather they change their underwear, however.

Several years ago, we started packing a cooler with food and homemade goodies so we wouldn't have to stop at a restaurant.  It is so worth the effort and planning.  So before our trip the kids and I spent time baking bread, crackers, and cookies.  The kids are a huge help!

Here is a little peak at our homemade yumminess.  And my comfy outfit for a day of baking.