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Finally, this summer I purchased my long awaited military jacket.  I was originally looking for a camouflage jacket, but I decided on a plain jacket instead.  I gotta say that I still feel a camo jacket is somewhere in my future. Okay, here's the story...I was shopping with a friend at an Army Surplus store and was about to give up on finding a jacket.  Oh, and let me say that this friend is a good shopping partner.  Just as frugal as I am, but more practical which was good to help keep me balanced and grounded.

Not that I ever walk around with my head in the clouds.

Well, all I could find were new jackets that were too crisp and more money than I wanted to spend.  That is sad news.

But hey!  The Army Surplus store has a used section!  That is happy news!

And there it was.  My jacket.  Worn in and half the price of the new jackets.

Sigh.  I love used stuff!

I have already gotten great use out of this jacket and I envision wearing it a lot of different ways.  Today it is paired with something very delicate and feminine.  Irony.  And I think it's cool that the jacket acts like a good friend to the sheer know, the way good friends help bring balance.