Tunic Love

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I love tunics.  They are chic, have a bohemian/hippie feel, and are easy to wear.  Oh, and I recently realized how much I love saying love.  I do.  I have tried not to use it so much in every day sentences, but I failed.  I am in love with so many people, places, things.  I love nouns, apparently. Love!

Can't help it.

Focus, Valerie.  Tunics.

I have a couple of tunics.  The first tunic I purchased when we used to have television channels.  Yeah, that's right...we have no channels.  We haven't had channels for six years and I don't miss it.  Well, I do miss watching Sunday afternoon football and the Olympics.  Love those.

Anyway, I would flip through the channels when I nursed my baby girl at night and happened to spot this long sleeve tunic on QVC.  Yeah, that's right...I made a purchase on QVC.  And it was on clearance.  Because please, I rarely pay full price.  I have had this tunic for a long time and I still love it.  I've said before that I hold on to clothes for a while because you can always reinvent your wardrobe.

The second tunic I found while thrifting.  It actually started off as a dress, but it looked too cutesy, so I took my handy scissors to it and carefully cut at the ruffle.  Yeah, that's right...I used my scissors...again.  And because I cut along the ruffle, I didn't have to hem it.  No sewing involved.  Gotta love that.

So I am releasing my inner hippie today.  Wearing a tunic, brewing kombucha tea, and drinking out of a mason jar as I type this.

Peace. Tunics. Love.