Some Childhood Memories of a Pastor's Kid

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I found this hymn book at my parents' home today.  I took it in my hands and so many memories flooded back to me.  Isn't it amazing how one book, or a song, a smell, a place, can make you recall so much? I can remember Sunday evening church services and people requesting their favorite hymns to be sung.  Mr. Flynn liked page 210, "Dwelling In Beulah Land".  Mrs. Tolsen always requested "God Will Take Care of You", page 51.  One of my dad's favorite hymns was page 333, "Wonderful Words of Life".

I liked it when we sang "Church in the Wildwood".  As a little girl, I used to think the chorus said, "Gum, Gum, Gum, Gum" instead of "Come, Come, Come, Come".  When your dad is the pastor and your mom plays the organ, they are unable to sit right next to you in the pew during parts of the service.  So, that was a really good opportunity for me to walk through the aisles asking for gum during the "gum song".

Yeah, mom didn't like that very much.

I used the hymnal often as a hard surface for scribbling taking sermon notes.  There was a little picture of my dad on the bulletin.  I used to think it was pretty funny to embellish that picture.  I would black out his front teeth, draw earrings on his ears, give him a new hairdo.

All while listening to the sermon.  As a child, I was a skilled multi-tasker.

Often, we were the last ones to leave the church.  One winter night, when we were driving through the snow covered, empty parking lot, my dad said, "I think we should do some donuts!"

"Yes!  Do donuts, Dad! Yessss!"

It was so much fun spinning around that parking lot!

Yeah, mom didn't like that very much.

I'm so glad that I found this hymnal and enjoyed these memories today.  And there is nothing like a beautiful, old hymn to bring comfort, a feeling of peace, and a connection to the past.  And I realized today that my kids know very few of these hymns that were such a staple of my childhood.  I don't want these treasures to be lost, so I brought the hymnal home and decided to make this piece of history part of their studies this year for homeschool.

"Sing them over again to me, Wonderful words of Life".