Let's Get This Party Started!

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Skirt:  Guess (thrifted)  Lace tank:  Nordstrom Rack (clearance rack)

I love a party!  Especially when it's on my wrist.  Bracelets make me giddy and the more, the merrier!  I don't spend a lot of money on them, however.  In fact, I really like to make my own.  I've experimented with making bracelets out of washers, hex nuts, scraps from t-shirts that I cut (oh, yeah, I also have a t-shirt cutting fetish, but I will save that for another post).  One reason I like to make my own bracelets is because I have tiny wrists.  No, really...they are freakishly small.  And lastly, so I don't ignore my one thousands of male readers, bracelets on men are so cool!