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We have had some cooler days in Michigan over the last couple of weeks.  The nights are chilly, it's getting darker earlier, summer has ended and fall is approaching.  I posted on Facebook about how I didn't want summer to go and a friend of mine responded 'embrace the inevitable'.  Those words have stuck with me. Man, it is so hard to accept change.

There are times when difficulties arise and you are able to leave a situation, separate yourself from the problem, and move on.  There are other times when heartache and hardship come and you don't have the luxury of leaving the situation.  You are in it with no way out and somehow you have to daily face the reality.

The last few weeks have not been easy.  I have started to put some of my grandma's things in boxes.  Every time I walk into her house, it seems like she should be there.  I want to yell loudly, "Grandma!" (which is what you would do when you walked into her house just in case she had fallen asleep in her chair).

But I have to embrace the inevitable.  That doesn't mean that I don't allow myself to grieve, however.  Losses need to be grieved and we all go through losses in a lifetime.  The loss of a loved one, the loss of a friendship, the loss of trust.  At some point (and usually several times) we all experience loss.

I decided that I needed to be intentional about caring for my heart, especially right now.  And I am doing that by surrounding myself with beauty.  Beauty can mean different things to different people.  For me, it means solitude in the morning with God, time with my family, nature, music, dancing, art, working out, baking, creating, thrifting, antiquing...and the list goes on.

I have taken many walks around the farm and sat at my favorite spot in silence and listened to the sounds of the woods.  I created a daybed out of pallets for the porch.  I am working on filling my fridge and pantry with homemade goodness.  I've also been listening and dancing to a lot of gypsy jazz/swing music, which is delightful.

And...I went thrifting.

I mean summer is going to end and fall will begin so I might as well make the best of it with a few inexpensive additions to my wardrobe.


I knew you would agree.

That is why I purchased a couple of sleeveless tops for this transitioning weather.  There is something so "oo la la" about wearing a sleeveless top with jeans.  Don't forget to throw a light cardigan or a wrap in your bag so you can put it over your shoulders if you get chilly in the evening.

And if you should find your heart is feeling heavy, you can always dance to some gypsy jazz in gratitude for life and transitions.

Top: Express (thrifted) Jeans: Levis (clearance) Wrap: Army Surplus Store (a big thank you to my friend that I was shopping with because he spotted this oversized scarf and it is a gem!)

The pallet bed. Quilt: Vintage