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There are a lot of moments in life that can be described as painful, but beautiful.  We are mourning the death of my 92 year old grandmother.  A beautiful woman and we are thankful for her long and beautiful life, and even though she is home and at peace with God, it is still painful to lose her. We live in my grandparents' farmhouse.  We bought the house not long after my grandpa passed away.  Grandma moved next door to us and we were neighbors for twelve years.  She would have us over for dinner and when ever I would try to help with the dishes, she would tell me to leave them.  She would say, "If they are still there the next time you come and visit me, then you can do them."

Over the years, she was able to do less and less.  It was very hard on this lady that was so used to taking care of everyone else to find herself needing someone to take care of her.  And when I would walk up to her house to help her or take her something she would still try to be helpful to me.

"Now, Valerie, is there anything Grandma can do for you?"

"Oh, no, Grandma.  I'm just fine."

"Oh, Valerie, I'm not worth a nickel."

"Not true, Grandma.  Your worth a lot more than that to me.  You have done plenty for me and now it's my turn to do something for you."

And Grandma always had something to say about my curly hair.

"Valerie, can't you get a comb through that hair?"

"Haha!  Nope, Grandma.  I sure can't."

I will miss her dearly.  I don't know how I will look up the hill at her house without crying, but I will look forward to the day when I can see her again.  Until then, I will enjoy the privilege of cooking in the kitchen she used to cook in, sleeping in the bedroom that used to be hers, and raising a family in the home that she raised her family in.  And I will wear aprons and set a lovely dining room table just like she used to.  Now if only I could fill the shelves with all the canning like she did!