Boots and Blazers and Sweaters, Oh My!

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I am not wishing summer away.  I love summer!  I grew up on a lake and my parents still live there, so the kids and I spend most summer days on the water.  I told my dad that if he looks out and doesn't see me lying down at the lake like a beached whale then he better give a call because it will mean something is seriously wrong.  The lake is my sanctuary. But, I must admit something.

I've been thinking about boots with dresses lately.

And blazers.

And comfy sweaters (mostly my husband's sweaters that I have claimed to be rightfully mine).

Although, I don't want fall to come yet.  I want to bask longer in the summer sun, float in the middle of the lake, listen to my kids splashing in the water, and breathe in the smell of gasoline and lake water.  Alright, I know that last one is weird, but the combination of gas from the boats and lake smells soooo good!

So onward with summertime and summer styles.  And nothing screams summer like gingham.  I got this shirt from Goodwill and cut the sleeves off.  I left it unfinished because...well, I like the unfinished look.  The scarf turban is material left over from when I cut my dress off and made it into a shirt.  Man, I love my scissors!  And when I cut, I save the scraps because they are useful!