It's Time To Man Up

My StyleValerie 2 Comments

Let's continue talking about menswear, shall we?  How about neckties? Ahhh, the necktie!  Why should they be only for men?  Why don't more women wear neckties?  In fact, why don't more men?  Seriously, guys!  I miss seeing men classy and dapper in a suit and a tie.  It is so quintessential.  So Cary Grant.  You can also break up the pieces and wear jeans with a dress shirt, tie, and jacket.  Now, that is a fine look.  Mighty fine.

But, I digress.

Back to ties on women.

Come on, ladies!  Do you want to try a tie?  It's a great accessory and will take a simple outfit like jeans and a shirt, and kick it up a notch.  Or several.