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Don't you just love the classic dress?  You know, the one that you can wear year after year?  Add some accessories and you can have an entirely new look.  This is one of my favorite dresses.  Oh, and it has pockets!  A dress with pockets = WIN!  I do feel the need to make a confession.  See that jacket?  Well, it was actually purchased for my son Henry.  I picked it up at Target on the boys' clearance rack for $9 or some small sum like that.  He didn't like it.  He felt like it made him look too grown up.  Ugh...I loathe making returns. So I went to put it back in the bag and something about it beckoned to me.  It said, "Try me on."  And I did.  And it fit!  Well, except for the sleeves, but who cares?!  Roll them up! Dress:  Banana Republic (clearance rack)  Boots:  Steve Madden (sale)  Jacket:  Target (clearance rack)