The Feminine and The Masculine

My StyleValerie 2 Comments

I've got a thing for menswear.  When I was in high school and college, I would steal borrow my dad's cardigans and sweatshirts.  Through the years, I have worn my husband's jeans, neckties, dress shirts, and sweaters.  And now, I am so blessed to have sons that I can take clothes from.  Don't judge.  Some women my age borrow their teenage daughter's clothes.  To each her own. I like mixing feminine pieces with masculine pieces.  Something soft and gentle with something strong and tough.  I was trying on some of my son's clothes and I was originally thinking I would pair lace and a pearl necklace with his worn out jeans, but then my eyes spotted his camo shorts.  Oh, I am digging these!  I've been wanting a camouflage jacket for a while, but haven't found one thrifting yet.  Deep sadness.  But now these shorts have pacified me.  I must say a big thank you to my son.  Thanks, Jack. Even though you aren't at home right now for me to thank in person or to even ask in person if I can borrow your shorts.  And Jack, I was feeling a little guilty about not asking, but then was comforted by the fact that you didn't spend your own money on these shorts.  Yes, this is one of those "joys of motherhood" moments.