Easy Breezy

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Even though it is only May 20, this weekend felt like summertime.  The weather was picture perfect all weekend long.  We spent a lot of time Friday and Saturday at the community garden.  I am on the Board for the garden and we have spent the last year in the planning stages and this will be our first planting season.  Now we are busily trying to get everything finished so that people can plant by Memorial Day.  It has been a long, but rewarding process. And today we enjoyed our Sunday.  We went to church this morning, came home and made a fruit salad and fruit dip with greek yogurt.  Oh man, I love greek yogurt!  Seriously, a lot.  Then we spent the afternoon watching our sons play soccer.  A lovely Sunday and I wore my favorite dress.  I have had it for three years and I don't get tired of wearing it.  I like to hang on to clothes for a while.  You can always reinvent your wardrobe.  I can change the look of this dress by adding a jacket, or a sweater, changing up accessories.  Even subtle changes can make a difference.  This is the second time I've worn my grandmother's brooch on this dress.  When I put the brooch on it felt like a new dress to me and I love wearing something that my grandma used to wear.  This is the perfect summer dress...simple and feminine.