Musings from a Parking Lot

Valerie Comment

Thirty Minutes.

That's what I have to myself today. Thirty minutes inside the Suburban while all three kids have music lessons. After lessons, Henry and Liza will come out and we will do school work in the Suburban before band and color guard.

I will take the thirty minutes. I hear the wind making a muffled howl and I watch the raindrops fall on the windshield. I am thankful for the alone time inside the Suburban. I breathe. I sip my coffee. Sitting in the parking lot of the Homeschool Building surrounded by 16 passenger vans.

I know there are women living much more heroic lives, but I will revel in the victory of conquering a Wednesday morning. All of us successfully out the door by 9:05, with school books in backpacks and a cooler packed with lunches. Cellos in the back and yes, we have the color guard flag. And no one lost their temper.

Well, more specifically...I didn't lose my temper.

There was a sense of calm, I even felt relaxed this morning. I am learning not to get so stressed and put so much pressure on myself (and everyone else) to arrive at a destination on time. I am learning that the world won't end if we are late sometimes.

It's 10:56.

My time is passing quickly and my coffee is almost gone. Henry and Liza will be here in about fifteen minutes. When it's nice outside, I move the Suburban to the far side of the parking lot and we sit in the grass for schoolwork. We will still move to the far side of the parking lot because there is a patch of trees over there and I love trees. But because of the rain we will have almost two hours in the Burban.

Two hours.

In the Burban.

God, help me love them well. I want to interact, engage, and enjoy. I want them to know that not only do I love them, but I like them. I really, really like them.

I like their unique selves. I like how You created them. I think they are funny and imaginative. I want them to feel me loving them and liking them today.

I don't have to be annoyed, frustrated, or irritated by them. I can choose to be entertained, delighted, and inspired by them.

Thank you for the gift of motherhood. Thank you for chilly, windy, rainy days in a Suburban in a parking lot. Thank you for coffee. Thank you for all of my kids. Thank you for You.

*When Henry and Liza came out to the Suburban, they climbed in and Henry said, "Being a parent seems so easy." Liza quickly agreed, "It does. He's right."  I was laughing so hard that I had tears. "What's so funny, Mom?"

A throwback picture of Henry, Liza, and me from a few summers ago. Oh,my heart...their sweet, sweet faces.

A throwback picture of Henry, Liza, and me from a few summers ago. Oh,my heart...their sweet, sweet faces.