dot dot dot...

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Am I the only one that smiles because of polka dots?  I wore polka dots quite a bit in the early 90s.  One of my favorite dresses in college was white with big red polka dots.  Oh, I loved that dress and so did all of my friends.  Everyone wore that dress!  Well, maybe not exactly everyone, but at least 2 of my friends wore it.  I loved sharing clothes in college.  It was like you had a double wardrobe! My husband and I dated in college.  His grandmother made me a polka dot dress for my senior vocal recital.  I still have the dress.  She has since passed away and I am so thankful that I have her beautiful handiwork.


I picked up a polka dot skirt while I was thrifting in Florida.  I decided to wear it with a polka dot shirt.  Well, it's a shirt now.  Remember when I told you that I had a t-shirt cutting fetish?  I have to admit that it's not only t-shirts that I cut.  This polka dot "shirt" used to be a dress.  Yeah, that's right, I cut off the dress and made a shirt.  The dress was really cute, but I was uncomfortable in it because I felt like 40 going on 13.  However, as a shirt it works for me.  Just enough cuteness, but not over-the-top cuteness.