Some Rules Are Made To Be Broken

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I have a $5.oo rule on buying thrifted clothes.  That's called frugal, not cheap.  But sometimes, you have to break the rule.  That's called free spirit, not rebellion. And the other day, when we were out 'tiquing, I broke the rule for the most incredible vintage poncho with fringe EVER!  It was $12.00, which is an amazing price!  And it is soft.  I kinda keep petting my arms when I am wearing it. Can't help it.

So it's not like I want this Michigan winter to hang on, but since it is...I am ditching my winter coat for my furry, fringed poncho. And I can't wait to show you some of the other finds from that day.  Stay tuned!

Rediscover Style



Rediscover Style