A Little Valentine's Day Story

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My friend Erin made this adorable red tutu skirt to wear for her fitness classes on National Wear Red Day a few years ago to raise money for the Ionia County Commission On Aging.  It was a "Red Tutu Challenge".  They raised $804 to benefit the Commission On Aging wellness programs!  Erin is fabulous!

And then she gave that red tutu to me!  LOVE!   Dave and I aren't going out for Valentine's Day, we are making pizza and watching a movie with the kids.  However, if we were going out, I would totally wear it out!  I love the tutu skirt trend, it's so fun and feminine.  Really, life is way too short not to wear a tutu skirt.  I decided to wear that skirt today anyway and snap a photo for my fitness classes.  Spreading love on Love Day.

Jack, my seventeen year old, is usually the one who takes the photos of me for my blog.  Sometimes Dave (husband) and sometimes Will (14), but usually Jack.  The photos are taken in our yard, on the road in front of our house, or back on the farm.  We have very little traffic on our road and if someone does go by while we are taking photos, we try to act like we are talking or looking for something.  We are cool like that.

But today, we were walking down our driveway toward the road to take photos...me in my red tutu skirt and Jack looking normal.  And there is a lady running.  Right in front of us.  I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen a runner in the middle of the day on our road.  In fact, only once.  Uno.  One time.  Today.

Me: "Oh, hey!  I could try and explain what I am doing, but I'm not sure it would make a difference."

Runner lady: *Giggle*.  And *giggle* some more.