Grandma Chic

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My grandmother designed the house we live in and my grandfather built it.  It's a little hodgepodge and quirky, which makes me love it even more.  My grandma was very eclectic and didn't want a typical farmhouse.  And this fits in well with my own eclectic, hodgepodge sense of style. There is an area at the top of the stairs, that is too big not to do something with and yet, not quite big enough to do a lot with.  When the kids were little I tried to use it as an arts and crafts space.  Another homeschooling mom lesson...I could try and make designated spaces for the kids, but the areas they liked the most were the couch and the kitchen table.

I decided to turn this space into a home office for my fitness business.  Dave and the boys did the painting and installed the floor, and then I went to work on the decorating.  Everything in the space I already had, or Grandma left us in the house, or is thrifted.  The only new purchases were the paint, the flooring, and the chair.

It's my grandma chic home office.