Juli's Thrifted Eclectic Style

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I am fairly new to the world of Instagram.  Not too long after I joined, a beautiful lady named Mrs. Spensley started following me.  I checked out her profile and immediately fell in love with her photos.  She has an edgy yet feminine style.  And we have a lot in common like homeschooling and wearing Converse with skirts.  Juli also is incredible with a sewing machine!  She makes the most adorable totes out of vintage fabric and grain sacks.  And guess what?!  We are doing a giveaway of one of her amazing totes!  Commence happy dance! All you need to do is leave a comment (one comment per person, please) on this post and on December 9th I will do a drawing for a winner.  You will receive the tote in time for Christmas.  It would make a great gift!  To someone else...or even yourself.  You can also find Juli on Instagram and check out all of her beautiful handmade creations.


I asked Juli to tell us a little bit about herself so you could get to know this fabulous woman!  Here's what she wrote:

I'm 37 years old, momma to nine great kids.  The oldest is a Sophomore in College, and my youngest will be five at the end of October.  I'm currently a full time online college student, but my heart will always be at home with my family.  I absolutely love networking with other like minded women who love caring for their families!  I am a student of history who loves all things vintage.  I can often be found up late at night watching documentaries or working on a sewing project.  Sewing has become an activity I've come to enjoy as I've gotten older.  There's something about the hum of the machine that calms me.  The totes that I make are a labor of love.  Each one is a little piece of my vintage haven I've created in my mind.  From the rafters of old barns or feed mills, I rescue the feed sacks and mix them with modern touches to repurpose them into something that is useful again.  It's almost become my personal mission statement, to take artifacts from the past and bring them back to life again.  The feed sacks carried grains and seed to farmers who in turn fed families with their crops.  It's my way of preserving a little part of our heritage.  It sounds cheesy, but all artists have an eccentric type of passion.

Thrifting is in my blood.  My mother and grandmother took me to yard sales and thrift stores since I could remember. I understood from an early age that I could get amazing deals if I were persistent in my search.  I love shopping, but I know for certain that I can duplicate most looks for just a fraction of the cost with just a little imagination.  The money saved frees up money for other needs and for family fun.  Besides the financial benefits of thrifting, I am able to connect with women of the past as I find items that have adorned their closets and homes.  I can find a vintage mixing bowl and I wonder how many cookies were made in it or an old cookbook and I thumb through hoping to find the worn pages that will illuminate her family's favorite meals.  When I find an old dress I wonder if she wore it dancing or to a fabulous dinner club.  When I wear it, I can for a moment be that girl from the twenties, or in a dance hall listening to my favorite Big Band Orchestra.  It's like playing dress up while walking through a history book.  As a Christian woman, I am a supporter of modesty.  But I also believe that a woman can be modest and trendy at the same time.

My style is eclectic.  I love the clash of casual with classy.  A skirt with Converse.  Pearls with a t-shirt.  Most of my closet consists of red, black or grey with great accessories.  I love to revive elements of the 30s-50s and mingle them with modern touches.  Sometimes that means a modern dress with vintage gloves, or a vintage dress with modern shoes.  I think the thing that makes me most me is red lipstick.  I never leave home without it.  I might be the only girl in town who wears it, but it's become my signature statement.