Rediscover Style

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I have always loved expressing myself in the way I dressed and I wasn't really afraid to dress differently than my peers when I was in school and college.  But something happened after several years of marriage and motherhood.  I kinda lost myself. I became more timid, less sure of myself.  Looking back, I can see now that it was a combination of different life happenings.  I think I was grieving a lot of loss.  The loss of my dreams of what I thought marriage would be like, the loss of freedom due to the demands of motherhood, the loss of a sister.  And with each loss, a bit of me went along.  It's interesting to me how that was reflected in the way I dressed.  I tried to become more of what people were expecting from me and less of who I really was.

But it was also a combination of life happenings that took me down a path of awakening.  You see, I believe God cares about our passions even if they may seem frivolous to those around us.  And one day about six years ago, I was reading an article in a magazine.  It was a small blip, actually, but it was talking about a blog to check out if you wanted inspiration for style.  It was called The Sartorialist.  And reading Scott Schuman's blog was a gift from God to me.  I was mesmerized by the photos and it was like walking into an open field, filling my lungs with fresh air, and splashing cold water on my face...all at the same time.

I can be dramatic if I want.  It's my blog.

I looked at the photos of street style and realized that I used to be that girl.  The girl that didn't care about fashion rules, about whether or not people looked her as if they were saying, "What in the world is she wearing?!"  I used to dress for me, not other people.  So I began to use The Sart's (that's what I call him and I can because he's my bff and I can say what I want because it's my blog) photos as inspiration.  I would see an outfit that I thought looked cool and recreate something similar out of the clothes in my closet.



So even though I have told him (in my head) many times, I will tell him again...Thank you, Scott Schuman, for being such an inspiration and helping me rediscover style that I love.

And most importantly...Thank you, God.  Thank you for caring about my passions and directing my path toward freedom in every area of my life.