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The last few months I have been adding more bohemian touches to our home.  Remember I had recently purchased that gorgeous table cloth at Salvation Army for $3.99?  I was originally going to hang it in the basement, but I had to have it on the main floor.  It's too beautiful to be hidden in the basement. I received a tip at the beginning of the summer to duct tape the hem of my son's pants instead of sewing them.  I used that tip and duct taped the table cloth so I could hang it from a curtain rod.  I also hung a hook rug my husband made in 1982 in our entry.  I'm not sure how the 80s became vintage.  It wasn't that long ago.  Shhh...don't say a word.

Our home is a work in progress.  A slow work in progress.  You will notice in the pictures that the molding is not complete and we've started tearing off wallpaper in the hallway and that is unfinished.  And let's not forget those ceiling tiles from the 70s.  When I get discouraged with the lack of Pottery Barn-ism in my house, I think of all those with no homes.  Then I begin to feel very blessed and okay with unfinished projects.