Happy Friday!

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Happy Friday!  An exciting day ahead!  We have a family day planned to celebrate Dave's birthday.  Family days are the best kind of days.  And then tonight, I am hosting a fundraiser for The B Foundation.  I am super pumped because I love hosting events that support my home town and the people in it.  And I get to teach my very own format tonight...Blaze Dance Fitness.  A while ago, I decided to quit teaching Zumba® and create my own dance fitness classes, allowing me the freedom to make them what I want them to be.  It's been very liberating.  When God places a passion in your heart and you pursue it, finding that it adds more to your life than you could have imagined, it is a beautiful reminder of how loving and personal He is.  This is my logo designed by my talented nephew Lucas Harger.



But before I take off for the day, I thought I would show you some recent thrifting finds.  I purchased two pillow shams for $3.29 and two skirts for $3.99 each.  I am using the pillow shams as window valances in Liza's room because they screamed, "HANG ME!", so I did.  The skirts are fabulous.  The navy blue one is vintage.  It has a very 80s feel and the tag says it's made in Italy.  That fact alone is so thrilling.  I'm just going to pretend I am strolling the streets of Italy every time I wear it.  The red skirt is from Free People.  A Free People skirt for $3.99?!  Need I say more?!