A Good Day of Thrifting

Fabulous FindsValerie Comment

I found gems at Salvation Army yesterday.  A table cloth that was only $3.99!  I am floored by that price...it's huge and embroidered...it's gorgeous!  I have been wanting to give our basement a boho feel so this will be perfect.  I am going to hang it from the ceiling.  Giddy! And I could not pass up the bib overalls.  I picked them up for my nieces.  I SO should have kept the bibs I wore in the early 90s. I wore bibs all the time.  I had a pair of bibs that were pinstriped and had belonged to a family friend named Otis Bailey.  Otis and his wife Myrtie were the sweetest couple and they lived very simply.  I still remember as a child sitting in Mrs. Bailey's little kitchen where she cooked on a wood stove.  In fact, she continued to cook on her wood stove until she was in her eighties.  After Myrtie passed away and we cleaned out their house, I asked to have couple pair of bibs.  Bibs might have been in at that time, but no one had a pair of bibs like the ones I wore.