Creativity for the Soul

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As many of you know, our son Henry has been sick for 6 months and so far there is no diagnosis.  The uncertainty has been very draining on our entire family. I've been studying about silence and guidance.  During this study, I have spent a lot of mornings on the back porch trying to quiet my anxious thoughts.  God speaks in so many ways...through his Spirit, his Word, his people, his creation, and yet I am having such a hard time knowing what to do for our son.  It's unclear, murky.  We have received helpful suggestions from many and so to know if there is one way specifically to go is a challenge.  And sometimes, God's whisper reminds me of the episode on Seinfeld with the lady that was a "low talker".

"What, God?  Did you just say something?  If you did, could you say it a little louder?  In fact, could you say it a lot louder?"

As a Christian, I know that God is in control.  But here's the thing...God being in control does not equal lack of suffering.  God in control does not necessarily mean physical healing will come in this lifetime. I cannot live like this world is not a fallen world.  How do I live with the uncertainty of my son's health, cling to my faith, and not live in a constant state of stress?  My prayer is that we will continue to seek, knock, and ask in a posture of patiently waiting on God.

There have been many sleepless nights begging God for healing, many tears have fallen as my heart has ached for Henry.  I knew I needed to do something for Henry to have an outlet for his emotions (and not only Henry, but me too).  It is hard for a 10 year old boy to be sick for a week, let alone 6 months.

So one day I decided to search art therapy and I came across the idea of an art journal also known as a smashbook.  I picked up three inexpensive journals for Henry (10), Liza (8), and myself.

I hope this will encourage you to do something to care for your soul through creativity.






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