Weekend Project

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I am working on a weekend project.  I hadn't planned on it, but inspiration struck. A while ago, I took off the doors of the kitchen cabinet below the sink.  I have a habit of  taking off cupboard doors.  I decided to put a rod across and hang burlap.  But I changed my mind and instead of a rod, I screwed some conduit into the sides of the cabinets.  I think the folks working at the hardware store thought I was a little odd.  I also have a habit of being a little odd.

I ran into a problem with the burlap, however.  I can't sew.  So when I cut the burlap to fit, it frayed and needed to be hemmed.  My family lived with this half hung burlap for months, but today it came down. (cue the applause)

I searched through some scraps of material that my grandma had that I kept after she passed away.  Because, you see, one day I am going to learn how to sew.  While looking through the material I found a crocheted table cloth.  It had some holes in it and a couple of stains, but instead of throwing it away...I got out my scissors.  I cut it to fit the cabinet opening and secured it with shower hooks.  I possibly took these hooks from the shower curtain and my family possibly won't appreciate that when they shower tomorrow morning...but it was for the greater good!

I still have some work to do on it, but I love the mix of the conduit with the crochet.  A little masculine mixed with some feminine makes me giddy.  Here is a photo of the beginning stages.