Dressing Downton

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My friend Kate got me a gift certificate to Rock Paper Scissors Consignment Boutique in Eastown for Christmas.  Thank you, Kate...you know me well!  So a few months ago Kate and I went consignment shopping in Eastown.  Oh, Eastown!  Don't you just love Eastown?  They have everything I love.  Like Marie Catrib's.  If you know me, you know how much I love Marie Catrib's...and Marie.  I want her to adopt me and teach me her ways. Okay, back to talking about shopping.  I found a blouse from Charlotte Russe and it is so pretty.  The conversation went like this...

"Kate, look at this blouse!"

"Oh, that is so you!  It looks like Downton Abbey!"

"Oh my word!  You are so right!" *squeal*

Don't you love shopping with friends?!  It's the best.

So now that Downton Abbey is not on, what is a girl to do?  Dress like Downton, of course.  And sit in a chair looking forlorn.