The Open Field

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Man, I have been stressed lately.  And with good reason.  I've got some major stuff going on right now, the kind of stuff know...makes your head feel foggy, cry at the drop of a hat, eat a pound of chocolate in less than 5 minutes, and want to run away to Brazil.  Or Italy.  Or both. I know you understand what I am talking about because at some point in life (more often than we wish) we find ourselves in a hard place.

So, once again I am learning to trust.  And to keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking.

Friday night, it finally felt like spring in Michigan.  We took the opportunity to have a bonfire in the back yard.  There is nothing like sitting around a fire with your family.  As we sat there and enjoyed the evening in an open field, I felt my heart lift and my head clear.  And even though the situations that I'm dealing with haven't changed, for a moment there was a sense of peace.

I am more and more convinced that in a fast-paced, chaotic life, we need nature.  Our body craves it, our hearts long for it, and our minds desire it.  The open field, the wooded path, the breeze in the trees, the sound of the birds.

I was home this morning from church with our son who has been sick for quite a while.  I decided to have my time of worship, meditation, and communion in the form of a walk around the farm.  I watched the dogs chase each other through the woods, smelled spring in the air, and listened to the birds chirping.  And I was gently reminded of the love of God, that he would pour his creativity into such a beautiful world for us to live in and take pleasure in.  What extraordinary love that he lavishes on us.

May you find some time soon for a walk in the country, a picnic in a park, a hike through the woods.  Let it fill your spirit, mind, and body.

p.s. I still will have times of eating a pound of chocolate in the future.  Maybe some day I will eat a pound of chocolate during a flight to Brazil.  Or Italy.  Or both.