Red Vintage Dress

Fabulous FindsValerie Comment

Did I tell you about the time I walked into Salvation Army and found a red vintage dress for $4.99?! I tried not to scream out loud when I found it.  I was shopping with my 8 year old daughter and I was trying to be a good example of thrift store etiquette.

The red dress was a fun find because there were straight pins above the hem.  Whoever had it was going to shorten it, but never did.  As I was removing the straight pins, I kept wondering about the person who had this dress before me.  So I will imagine some story about the person who had the dress before me.

Nothing creepy, though, because I don't want to have bad dreams.

Maybe a romantic story about a girl who was going to hem this dress, but then her boyfriend threw a pebble at her window, and interrupted her.  She went outside to meet him and he asked her to elope.  And they did.

You know, something realistic and not too far fetched.