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A quiet Sunday afternoon.  There is a dog curled up by my feet and hot tea in my mug. I have been reading about silence lately.  And I have realized how little I get.  I am not talking about the picture perfect, quiet, alone time that is hard to come by.  Although, isn't it sublime when it does happen?!  I am referring to a silence from within.  I find that I often have many thoughts racing through my mind.  Things I want to do, things I don't want to do, things I should be doing.  Conversations I might have, conversations I don't want to have, conversations I should have.

From my devotional book entitled, A Year With God, "Our aim is to cultivate an inner silence, so that we can turn our hearts to God even while we hear background noise or converse with others."  Beautifully put.

And during those times of inner silence, I often find myself reflecting on blessings.  Like friendship.  All kinds of friendships...close friends, friends who are miles away, Facebook friends you have never even met.

Let me share with you a few stories.

Last summer, after I made my pallet bed, I gave the leftover pallets to my friend LesLee for a project she wanted to do.  And LesLee made a sign for me out of her leftover pallets.  Can't you feel the love?  I have this sign on my back porch, so people can see it when they come into our house.  I can see it from my kitchen window and it makes me smile.


I can't even begin to tell you of the many messages of encouragement I have received.  Friends that have been prayer warriors for me in times of need.  A text or an email that comes just when I have needed words of encouragement.

Several weeks ago, I held a Zumba® fundraiser for an organization called Women At Risk, International.  If you don't know about this organization, please check it out.  WAR, International helps fight human trafficking.  I was overwhelmed by the number of people that volunteered their time to help me at this event.  I even had a Facebook friend that I have never met send a generous donation.  How cool is that?!


And lastly, a little while ago I received a Facebook message from my friend Meriah.  Meriah and I have never met, but we are both Zumba® instructors and she is someone that I hope to meet in person one day.  In her message, Meriah told me that she had some clothes that she was going to drop off at Goodwill when she thought that I might like them.  What?!  Seriously?!  Someone I have never met is going to send me incredible clothes from J.Jill?  And that is exactly what happened!

Thank you, God, for the incredible people that you have brought into my life!  Let me be a blessing to others as much as they have been a blessing to me.