Kristin's Bargains

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Meet my friend Kristin.  Kristin and I are both Zumba® instructors.  We met a year ago at a Zumba® Master Class.  What is a Master Class, you ask?  It is where we instructors go to drink the "kool-aid".  Duh. Kidding.  We aren't a cult.

At least that is what I tell myself.

So after the Master Class, Kristin and I became Facebook friends.  Because that's what you do after you meet someone.  Or to meet someone.  Or to become "real" friends with someone.

Or simply because you are nosy.

After I started my blog, Kristin let me know of her love of thrifting!  Woo Hoo, Kristin!  I need to tell you, that this girl seriously knows how to get her thrift ON!  Major bargain shopper.

Here are a few of Kristin's tremendous deals.

Image 2


Image 1


Image 3