That 70s Decor

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It's officially our homeschool Christmas break!  Fist. Pump. Not that we aren't going to do any learning over the next few weeks because we will.  I am disguising our learning in the form of baking, crafts, collecting items for the food pantry, walks around the farm gathering some pine branches.  I'm like a stealth homeschool mama.

Or a ninja.

I am also on a quest over the break to declutter and decorate.  I am ready for some change in our home.  You ever get in that mood?  The task, however, is not to spend a lot of money on sprucing up the interior of our home.

My vision is to add some 70s flavor.  We already have some 70s going on because when we moved into the farmhouse and grandma moved next door, she couldn't take everything with her.  Many of her furnishings were from that era, so I already have a little collection.

I obtained some items over the last weekend.  I picked up some antlers from my dad.  He was a deer hunter for many years, so he has a collection of antlers and I thought some hanging on the wall would look pretty cool.  I also picked up a wooden lamp that was my grandma's.

The wooden lamp is a great addition to the 70s vibe.  It is way cool.  And big.  It's roughly the size of a small country and will look fabulous with my new macrame plant hangers that I got at Salvation Army last week.  We were supposed to be Christmas shopping, but on purpose accidentally, I started shopping for myself.

Here's the thing, I have been looking for macrame plant hangers for quite a while with no luck.  I thought that I might have to break down and make my own.  I looked at a tutorial online several months ago and making one of those babies is no picnic, let me assure you.  To my delight, I found three of them at Salvation Army for .99 cents each!  Can you believe that someone parted with these gems and then Salvation Army sold them for only .99 cents?!

Yeah, me either!