I'm Not Cutting These Apron Strings

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I did some baking today.  I usually think of my grandma when I bake.  We live in my grandparents' farmhouse, so I am baking in the same kitchen she did.  She is 91 and until a few months ago was still baking breads and pies.  I have very fond memories of walking into this kitchen and seeing pies on the baking counter.  My grandpa built my grandma a counter where she could knead bread and make her pies.

My grandma loved having people over for meals and she always made a lot of food.  I'm talking a lot of food!  And if you sat next to her at the table, you had to try everything.  Even the pickled peaches.  I kinda have some bad memories associated with pickled peaches.  Some things should not be pickled.  Grandma also always wore an apron when she worked in the kitchen.  There is something so delightful about an apron.  I have a collection of aprons from my grandma and my husband's grandma.  I also have a little girl's vintage apron that I picked up at an antique shop.


I share my grandma's enjoyment of preparing food and having family and friends gather in my home.  And I take pleasure in wearing aprons.  So come on over for a meal.  And I promise...no pickled peaches!